Square of squares – Crochet Chart

April 2020


The humble square. A two-dimensional, four-sided shape, with 90-degree angles and sides of equal height and length.

A mathematician might tell you that squares are also rectangles (because all four angles of a square measure 90 degrees), that squares are also parallelograms (because they have parallel opposite sides), and that squares are also rhombuses (because all the sides of a square are equal length). Interesting, right?

But what do squares mean to you? Maybe you thought of Trafalgar Square or a square meal, or maybe you know a few squares (unadventurous, mainstream folk). If you’re a crafter, perhaps you thought of a granny square.

The square is perhaps the most familiar of shapes. We see squares all the time. Try looking out for squares (and rectangles) as you go about your day today. You might be surprised at how many you see. Think architecture, logos, the tools you use, Instagram posts, and fashion.

Laura Fontan and Diego Cortizas consider the square “the first element of design”. Laura and Diego are the founders of Chula, a slow fashion brand born in Hanoi. Unsurprisingly, squares feature heavily in their designs (@chulafashionhouse on Instagram).

In symbolism and the esoteric, squares represent the physical plane: Four sides, four points of a compass, four seasons, the four elements. Perhaps this is why squares invoke feelings of stability, reliability, and order.

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