Crochet Christmas Tree Decoration

What could be better this festive season than a mini crochet Christmas tree? Get into the festive spirit with this short, simple, and shiny crochet pattern. It’ll make a sweet hand-made-with-love gift decoration. We recommend using our shimmering lurex threads to produce a delightful little tree.



Materials & Tools



SIZE: Approx. 10 cm x 5 cm




  • This little crochet stuffed Christmas Tree is worked in the round and all in one piece, so there’s no seaming at all.




  • sc, single crochet
  • st, stitch
  • inc, increase
  • dec, decrease

The Directions




Crochet Christmas Tree Decoration

Start with a magic ring.
R1 6 sc into magic ring  Continue working in the round. Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each new row.
R2 (2sc, 1 inc) x2 (8)
R3 (3sc, 1 inc) x2 (10)
R4 (4sc, 1 inc) x2 (12)
R5 (5sc, 1 inc) x2 (14)
R6 (6sc, 1 inc) x2 (16)
R7  (7sc, 1 inc) x2 (18)
R8 (7sc, 1 dec) x2 (16)
R9 (6sc, 1 dec) x2 (14)
R10 (6sc, 1 inc) x2 (16)
R11  (7sc, 1 inc) x2 (18)
R12 (8sc, 1 inc) x2 (20)
R13  (9sc, 1 inc) x2 (22)
R14 (9sc, 1 dec) x2 (20)
R15 (8sc, 1 dec) x2 (18)
R16 (8sc, 1 inc) x2 (20)
R17 (9sc, 1 inc) x2 (22)
R18 (10sc, 1 inc) x2 (24)
R19 (11sc, 1 inc) x2 (26)
R20  (12sc, 1 inc) x2 (28)

Fasten off, leave a long tail.

Stuff the little tree with Poly-fil.

Sew opening closed. Weave in your ends.