All of our yarns are high quality & ethically-sourced

Our Ethics

Wool, as a fiber, has a great story to tell. Wool has been used by humans for thousands of years, and its excellent features (e.g., breathability, moist absorption, and insulating capacity) have placed wool among the finest fibers in the world.


The beauty of wool relies on its simplicity. Wearing wool means to dress in a natural and environmentally friendly way. A warm fleece transformed into spun yarn is the fruit of synergy between animals and humans. Shearing regenerates sheep – a sheep that is not sheared soon become a ball-of-felt that struggles to move – while humans benefit from the warmth and comfort of this incredible fiber. When a wool fiber is disposed of, it will naturally decompose in the soil, releasing valuable nutrients back into the Earth. Ethical farming plays an essential role in all the aspects of this cycle. Well-looked-after sheep produce the best wool.


Incredibly fine and light, merino wool is one of the softest available wools. Merino wool fibers are extremely fine, which allows them to bend far more than traditional, coarser wool fibers. This property gives merino wool softness and an incredible gentleness next to the skin.


Our merino wool is sourced from Argentinian farmers committed to exceptional standards of animal welfare, responsible use of land, and sustainable farming. These farmers are passionate about maintaining healthy sheep, both for the welfare of the animals and the quality of the wool they produce. Grazing on extensive grassland terrain, these merino sheep are free range animals, consuming a simple blend of water, air, sunshine, and grass. This is also reflected in the high quality of our merino wool, which is exceptionally soft and often mistaken for cashmere!


Soft and still smelling of Argentinian pastures, the fleeces are then spun with care in Northern Italy’s renowned woolen mills. The wool is not further treated and preserves its creamy white, warm color. We dye this precious soft wool with 100% natural mineral dyes that are derived from rocks from the Earth. For example, our grey is made using pure powdered graphite, our shy red from hematites, and our green from glauconite.