My name is Chiara, and I am a second-generation dyer and creator of Unique Yarns Co.

Unique Yarns Co. is an artisan, yarn coloring company serving the fibre craft community.
My memories of yarn go back to my childhood. Although my Grandma patiently attempted to teach me to knit, I was always more attracted to the work of my father – an artisan dyer working with Italian fashion labels.

I was fascinated by the dyes and pigments he would use, and the machines and mechanisms he built to create novel effects. His dye-works is a magical place. I think of it as the place where creativity meets industriousness.
Perhaps it was these influences that led me into a career in the sciences, travelling all over Europe, applying that same combination of creativity and industriousness.
I was working in London and one day found myself with a pair of needles in my hands, casting-on during the commute. My childhood fascination with colors, textures, and patterns was rekindled, and this led me to experimentation and collaborations with my father, benefiting from his decades of experience.
I remember seeing the first ultramarine blue wool we produced using natural Lazurite pigment – the mineral form of the Lapis Lazuli crystal. It was then that I knew I had to find a way to share these yarns with other crafters and artists.
Along the way I have had much help and encountered great kindness, collecting friends and collaborators. As a team, I am proud that we are now able to share these amazing yarns and designs with the hand craft community.