Glow in the dark Wool Green

Glow in the dark Wool Green


WHY WE LOVE IT: You’ll love this Green Glow in the Dark Wool. A truly unique yarn. A fantastic talking point for any adventurous crafter. What will you create?

BLEND: 100% Wool
YARDAGE: 50 g (1.75 oz) / 65 m (71 yds)
EFFECT: Glow in the Dark Wool Green
CARE: Hand wash with lukewarm water and a gentle soap
COLOR FASTNESS: yes, very color fast (hand wash)

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We color this glow in the dark wool using artisan methods. In daylight, the yarn is a pretty green. Then, when the lights go out, it glows a cheery luminous neon green. You will be surprised by how brightly it can glow!

What makes it glow?
We use a phosphorescent color (totally safe!) to achieve the glow in the dark effect. The phosphorescent molecules in the wool absorb energy (from sunlight or artificial lighting), store it, and then release that energy over time. So, the glow we see in the dark is actually stored energy being returned to us. Isn’t that interesting!? This means that the yarn will glow brighter and for longer when exposed to strong light for a long period.

Is it safe?
Yes. Absolutely. All of our yarns are colored using certified safe (and natural, where possible) pigments and dyes. The phosphorescent color used here is totally inert.

How can I use it?
You’re only limited by your imagination. Others have made glow in the dark purses, dresses, toys, and blankets. Or how about glow in the dark stars to decorate a child’s bedroom?


Looking for ideas and inspiration?
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