Lapis Lazuli-dyed 100% merino wool


Made using finely powdered mineral rocks rich in lazurite.


This ultramarine blue color is made using finely powdered mineral rocks rich in lazurite (also known as lapis lazuli). We source our lazurite rich earth from a natural supplier specializing in rare and hard-to-find materials for artists.

This bright blue pigment is mined from one of the oldest lazurite deposits in the world (Shar Shakh, Afghanistan).   Reduced in powder, this blue earth is washed, sieved and used to colour the yarn with a gentle cold water procedure that preserves the softness of the fibres.

The whole dying process is as natural as possible and free of synthetic ingredients.

The resulting yarn has a beautiful variegated effect, leaving parts of the wool’s natural background color visible.

Blend: 100% MERINO WOOL
Yardage: 50 g · 162 m / 1.8 oz · 177 yds
Very colour fast when hand-washed.
This yarn is also available on cones, contact us for details:

Colored using a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified pigmnet.

The Mineral Series of merino wool is colored using natural rocks and minerals from the Earth. These earthy dyes are 100% natural, eco-friendly, and used in natural cosmetics, making these yarns perfect for our skin.

These yarns are suitable for hand knitting, machine-knitting and weaving (extremely soft but well-spun).