Merino Wool Yarn Bundle, Naturally Dyed

Merino Wool Yarn Bundle, Naturally Dyed


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100% Naturally Dyed Yarn Bundle

These yarns are unlike any other; they are colored using all-natural pigments direct from the Earth.

Using artisan methods, we can bind these ancient mineral colors into our ultra-soft 100% merino wool.

Here we have used natural pigments of Graphite, Yellow and Golden Ochre, Green and Red Earth, Copper Oxide, Burnt Umber, Ercolano, and Lapis Lazuli. More info below.

These yarns are colored by us in our dye-works using a gentle, eco-friendly, and 100% natural method.

Many of these pigments are also used in natural cosmetics, making these yarns perfect against our skin!

1) 50g of Mineral-dyed, Lapis Lazuli
This ultramarine blue color is made using finely powdered mineral rocks rich in lazurite (also known as lapis lazuli). This bright blue pigment is mined from one of the oldest lazurite deposits in the world (Shar Shakh, Afghanistan).

2) 50g of Mineral-dyed, Graphite
This grey merino yarn is made using powdered graphite as a natural dye. Graphite is a carbon-based mineral, also used to make pencil cores.

3) 50g of Mineral-dyed, Copper Oxide
This yarn is dyed using pure copper oxide, giving the yarn a natural pink-ish colour. Copper has been used throughout history for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties!

4) 50g of Mineral-dyed, Golden Ochre
This light golden color is made using a finely powdered earth rich in brownish-yellow clay, sourced nearby Siena, Italy.

5) 50 g of Mineral-dyed, Green Earth
This spring green color is made using finely powdered earth rich in green clay (glauconite) sourced from deposits in Northern Italy.

6) 50g of Mineral-dyed, Yellow Ochre
Made using finely powdered earth rich in limonite, a yellow iron ore. Known since antiquity, limonite is used to produce the yellow pigment known as gold ochre. Our yellow earth pigment is sourced from Cyprus.

7) 50 g of Mineral-dyed, Burnt Umber
This brown merino yarn is made using powdered burnt umber as a natural dye. The rich, deep brown pigment is sourced from Cyprus and is a form of natural iron oxide.

8) 50g of Mineral-dyed, Red Earth
This shy red color is made using a finely powdered reddish-brown mineral rock rich in Hematite. The hematite powder is sourced from quarries in Northern Italy

9) 50g of Mineral-dyed, Ercolano Orange
This vibrant and warm natural orange pigment is made using a finely powdered earth rich in iron and manganese, sourced from various parts of Italy.

Yarn Weight: Fingering Weight

Blend: 100% Merino Wool

Needles: 3.50mm (US 4) – 5.50mm (US 9)

Hook: 3.00mm (C) – 5.00mm (H)

Yardage: 50 g (1.8 oz) / 162 m (177 yds)

Tension: 30 stitches, 21 rows to 10cm/4″

Care: Hand wash and dry flat

Color fastness: yes, very color fast (hand wash)

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Crochet, Knitting, Weaving & tapestry, Rug making, Doll making

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Art yarn


Hand painted or dyed