The Joy Scarf Knitting Pattern

The Joy Scarf Knitting Pattern


This knit pattern makes a joyful stylish scarf. We recommend using the Mineral Series of yarn by Unique Yarns Co. The yarn is premium Italian-spun merino wool and the earthy colours are achieved using 100% natural mineral pigments.

50 g Green Earth 100% Merino Wool
50 g Red Earth 100% Merino Wool
50 g Lapis lazuli 100% Merino Wool

SIZE: Approx. 150 cm long




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Stylish, bright and so comfortable asymmetric scarf, made using 100% merino wool colored using natural minerals from the Earth. The pattern is straightforward: the knit increases as you go along to create the asymmetry, and then picks up the stitches at the edge to add the ruffle.

More about the dying process:
To make these earthy colors, mineral rocks are finely powdered and mixed with natural resins. To preserve the properties of the minerals, we use a gentle cold-water procedure to dye the fibers – a very natural process. Also, these mineral dyes are 100% natural, free from synthetic ingredients and are often used in natural cosmetics, making this a perfect yarn for our skin! This dying method produces a variegated effect, so the natural background color of the wool remains visible.

All of these yarns are color fast when hand washed.