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Mineral Blanket Knitting Kit

Mineral Blanket Knitting Kit



This knit kit makes a light but hyper-soft blanket! Knit using only knit and purl stitches, it is the perfect project for a beginner! The yarn is premium Italian-spun merino wool and the earthy colours are achieved using 100% natural mineral pigments. Warm, cosy, and extremely soft, perfect for watching movies on the sofa on a winter evening!

150 g Graphite 100% Merino Wool
50 g Green Earth 100% Merino Wool
50 g Red Earth 100% Merino Wool
50 g Lapis lazuli 100% Merino Wool
50 g Yellow Ochre 100% Merino Wool

SIZE: Approx. 110 cm x 90 cm


NEEDLES: 5 mm (long or circular) (not included)



Made using 100% merino wool colored using natural minerals from the Earth, this beautiful blanket uses only knit and purl stitches. Because of its simplicity, the blanket size can be easily adjusted.

More about the dying process:
To make these earthy colors, mineral rocks are finely powdered and mixed with natural resins. To preserve the properties of the minerals, we use a gentle cold-water procedure to dye the fibers – a very natural process. Also, these mineral dyes are 100% natural, free from synthetic ingredients and are often used in natural cosmetics, making this a perfect yarn for our skin! This dying method produces a variegated effect, so the natural background color of the wool remains visible.

All of these yarns are color fast when hand washed.