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The Mineral Shawl Knit Kit


DIY shawl knit kit.


Knit your own stylish shawl with this DIY shawl knit kit.

This modern shaped shawl is chique, stylish and fresh.

The yarn is a very soft 100% Merino wool that is naturally dyed using mineral pigments and the design is by Annick Des Grieux.

This Knit Kit includes:
x2 Yarn Cake of Mineral-dyed 100% Merino – Gray (Graphite)
x1 Yarn Cake of Mineral-dyed 100% Merino – Earthy-Red
x1 Pattern Instructions (in English)

Knitted using 5 mm needles (not included).
You will also need one stitch maker (not included)

Difficulty level: 2/5 (suitable for beginner and improving level knitters).

More about the dying process:
These yarns are dyed in my family-run dye-works in Tuscany (Italy). This dying method produces a variegated effect, so the natural background color of the wool remains visible. To make these colors, mineral rocks are finely powdered and mixed with natural resins. To preserve the properties of the minerals, I use a gentle cold-water procedure to dye the fibers – a very natural process. Also, these mineral dyes are free from synthetic ingredients and are often used in natural cosmetics, making this a perfect yarn for people with sensitive skin. All of these yarns are color fast when hand washed.

If you would like this knit kit in a different color combination, you can choose any two colors from gray, blue, red, yellow, and green. Just place your order and then write me a message to tell me which colors you would like.